Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 General Election

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With Bernie Sanders dropping out of the 2020 Democratic Primary, I can think of only these 10 reasons to vote for Joe Biden in the November general election:


10) He’s not Donald Trump.

9) He’s not Donald Trump.

8) He’s not Donald Trump.

7) He’s not Donald Trump.

6) He’s not Donald Trump.

5) He’s not Donald Trump.

4) He’s not Donald Trump.

3) He’s not Donald Trump.

2) He’s not Donald Trump.

1) He’s not Donald Trump.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 General Election

  1. Not being Donald Trump is probably Biden’s only redeeming quality. Troglodyte Trump is a disaster. However, there’s already rumors that Biden is considering right-wing school privatizer Laurene Powell Jobs to ‘replace’ DeVos. While not a top ten list, I’ve compiled a number of reasons why I’m disinclined to cast a ballot for Biden:

    You can rest assured that I will not be voting for Trump either.


  2. Top 10 reasons NOT to vote for Joe Biden:

    1. He’s a sex offender.
    2. The primaries were completely illegitimate, starting with the fiasco in Iowa (which still didn’t manage to suppress the will of the people) through the insanity of forcing people in Illinois, Florida and Arizona to choose between their lives or their franchise.
    3. If we keep accepting barf sandwiches because they’re better than poop sandwiches, we’ll keep getting barf sandwiches.
    4. He lies. Constantly.
    5. He’s a racist segregationist.
    6. He’s been missing in action since the beginning of the biggest crisis in the past 100 years. He couldn’t manage a livestream – how can he manage a country?
    7. He’s cognitively incapable of completing a coherent sentence.
    8. He has consistently supported the banking/credit card industries/DuPont at the expense of the American people.
    9. He told his obscenely rich donors “nothing will fundamentally change”.
    10. Did I mention he’s a sex offender?

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