Donald Trump is a Pathetic Excuse For a Human Being



I’m not going to pull any punches here.

Donald Trump is not just a bad President.

He’s a bad person.

No. That doesn’t go far enough.

He’s one of the worst people ever to hold public office in this country.

He’s a pathetic excuse for a person. A narcissistic and incurious fool.

Donald Trump is what happens when you spoil a child and he never has to prove his own worth.

He is the fruit of our worship of wealth and the ruling class. He is the lie of trickledown economics. He is what happens when you give someone all the rewards our society has to offer – just for showing up.

But he’s not a racist.

Not really. Not in the strictest sense. That would require some kind of commitment.

Nor is he a sexist. That would require ideology.

Trump doesn’t hate anyone. He doesn’t divide people up into categories. He just loves himself so much that his regard for anyone else seems lacking.

In Trumpland, there are only two personas – himself and everyone else.

And make no mistake – he sees the world as containing only one important personality – Donald J. Trump. Everyone else is subordinate. Even his own family is important only in so much as they reflect him and meet his expectations. (Tiffany Trump, anyone?)

Trump is the sole practitioner of a solitary religion where one individual can serve as both penitent and deity. He writes his own hymns and sings them to himself every morning during golden thrown Twitter church services.

And anyone who dares to deny the fact of his own exceptionality is not good. They’re Bad. Sad.

They get low ratings. Such low ratings. Fake news. Or whatever other nearly monosyllabic criticism his atrophied brain can defecate out of his sloppy mouth.

Other people’s suffering just doesn’t matter. Puerto Rico, NFL players, people of color unjustly targeted by police, the middle class – none of us matter to him.

Not black people.

Not Hispanics.

Not women.

No one. Literally no lives matter to Trump.

This is a fact borne out by his actions over decades in public life.

It’s no accident that Bret Easton Ellis made Trump the role model of Patrick Bateman, his fictional unhinged everyman businessman protagonist in “American Psycho.”

Trump may not be psychopathic, but he is clearly a solipsist, a sociopath. The outside world is not real to him, and we are not ends in ourselves. We are illusions who only merit if we increase his own self-worth.

Even from a conservative heteronormative viewpoint, men do not represent the possibility of friendship or camaraderie to Trump. They are pawns to be used or adversaries to be avoided.

Women do not represent the possibility of intimacy or understanding. They are pure shape, status and physicality – objects to be ordered, groped, controlled and tabulated.

Likewise, his constituents are important only to the degree that they support him. He has no reciprocal responsibilities toward them. He may have promised to “Make America Great Again,” but to this stunted individual, America, itself, is best represented by one thing – Trump.

He is the poster boy for all that is wrong with our society.

He is petty, unintelligent, and mean. Everything he has was handed to him. In fact, he’d have more if he just held onto it, but he had to try to prove he deserved this stuff so he lost more than what he was given.

And he doesn’t even know how to enjoy what he has.

His wife is a product he bought and modified to his liking. His children are indentured servants made to reflect his brand. He doesn’t even understand how to extract the best flavors from the expensive foods he eats.

He spends most of his time obsessively playing a game that requires wealth as a prerequisite, that isn’t particularly athletic but bestows a certain image on its practitioners. And somehow he must think hitting a little ball with a hooked stick proves – what? Something about him? Maybe it proves his physical prowess, his identity as a man of wealth and privilege?

He is the illusion Gatsby tried to portray to win Daisy – but the only love Trump covets is his own.

He both demonstrates the lie at the heart of the American Dream – that it is possible anymore for any of us to achieve – and that the dream has any inherent value.

Wealth does not make one happy. Look at Trump. He is a miserable son of a bitch. And he would be the first to tell you so if he had even a smidgen of self-reflection.

You can see it on his face in those candid moments when he isn’t talking and talking and talking.

This is a man begging to be told he is doing a good job, but the only opinion he trusts is his own, and that one not even so much.

He is a lost soul telling himself lies he only half believes. He’s an apparition, a ghost, a zombie that never was really alive in the first place.

And we, the people of the United States of America, are gathered here around him in an ever closing circle watching this tin pot dictator getting ever smaller by the hour.

One fine day he will simply disappear. And we’ll all be left staring at the space he left behind.

Perhaps this vanishing act will be accompanied by a “pop,” a “hiss” or just a silence deeper than background static.

And the only question that will remain will be if we’ll all be sucked into the maelstrom of his leaving.

Or if we’ll all shake our heads and wonder…

What the Hell had we just been looking at?

Anti Donald Trump Paiting Appears In Manhattan

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Pathetic Excuse For a Human Being

  1. The reason he is a pathetic excuse for a human being, I think, is his age. If he were four years old, we wouldn’t see him that way. We’d expect it at that age. Trump has grown up physically but remained a toddler emotionally.

    You ever see the Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life”? Watch it — it is a perfect metaphor for the situation we are in.

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    • Good video and good points, Lloyd. I admit I’m less certain that Trump is not a psychopath after watching the video. However, it seems the two states – psychopathy and sociopathy – exist on a spectrum. Trump is clearly on that spectrum but perhaps it would take someone with more experience in this field than either of us to form a firm diagnosis. Or we could just take a look at his brain. Cheers!


  2. Trump is what they accused the Grinch of being. Seriously, Trump never really wanted to win. He just wanted to be in the limelight. Once the idiots latched on to him as their Saviour, then he didn’t want to lose. I honestly don’t think he believed he would beat Hilary. The Russians had other ideas. He was really not thrilled when he won. His family looked shellshocked. He just wanted to hear people cheer and then be in the limelight telling everyone it would have been different if they had elected him.
    Since that moment he has done everything outrageous he possibly can because he wants an excuse to resign. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck with him. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year. It feels like an eternity. Wonder how Putin feels about his choice now? The only reason that I am not screaming for his resignation is that he is enough of an idiot, that he is rendering the Republican Party ineffective. Pence is just as dangerous but would look relatively sane by comparison and would get the party back on board. After Pence, we have Ryan and McConnell, so there is really no hope if he is gone. A whole lot of loonies without a grip on reality. I just hope the Dems can pull their head out and get a decent candidate next time. Hillary had the experience, but too many people just flat hate her. She is looking pretty good right now.


    • Agree with pretty much all you say. I want to point out another reason not to scream for his resignation is that the longer Trump stays in, the greater the likelihood that his tenure will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Republican party. The Republican establishment certainly wants rid of him, but if they move against him, his “base” will split off and never forgive them. And although it is often pointed out that his base represents only around 30 to 40 percent of total voters, that represents a majority of Republican voters. The best outcome for the Republican Party would happen if the Dems got a majority in 2018 and were thus handed the responsibility of impeaching Trump. The Republicans, establishment and Trumpist and Tea Party alike, could cast the Dems as their common enemy against whom they can all unite. if the Republicans keep a majority in 2018, they are ultimately screwed. They are paralyzed in putting forth their agenda, and Trump is a liability to them in many other ways, so if they keep him they are screwed, but they can’t impeach him without losing Trump’s base. The Republicans are in a lose-lose situation if they can’t get rid of Trump and blame it on the Democrats. And if he resigns, his base will blame the Republican establishment because Trump and Bannon will encourage them to do so, and most of those voters will sever their loyalties to the Republican Party. (If the Democrats fail to gain a majority in 2018, I see that as leading to the disintegration of both parties and the two-party system, which I don’t see as a bad thing, given that both parties represent the corporate class.) Combined with the points you make about Pence, Ryan, etc., being much more effective at advancing the Republican agenda, there are reasons not to be pushing for Trump to be removed from office very soon. But hopefully, this will not cost us a nuclear war.


      • Trump may, in his own twisted way, end up being the single best thing to happen to the United States in the modern era. It has, as a society, become addicted to many things: oil, wealth, celebrity, power, fetishism of war, nostalgia for a bygone era that wasn’t really that great for large swaths of her citizens, and unthinking patriotism without a real understanding or love for the things that are supposed to underpin it. And an accident will not be ready for change until they hit rock bottom. Trump, hopefully, is the “rock bottom” that everyone in your nation really needs to “Make America Great Again” and not in the narrow, petty, race baiting way his supporters have been programmed to want.
        Electoral reform, legislated constraints on corporate power, actual universal health care, a 21st century military that can invest in itself without the limits of regionally popular pork barrel budgets, a modern environmentally responsible energy policy. Progressive tax policy to fund it all. Everything you built, you built with the funds of a progressive tax policy at whose real primary function was not in fact to provide “free stuff to everyone”, but to prevent dangerously large accumulations of wealth in the hands of a few who, naturally, would use it to get more “free stuff” for themselves.
        Trumpism is only the End of America if you let him destroy it. And America will be greater than before, for everyone, if you, as a nation band and destroy Trumpism.
        Don’t squander this opportunity. It’s your last chance. If you don’t, the rest of the planet will be the onesputting up a wall around you.


  3. Last November when I realized, albeit dumbstruck, that this UGE idiot had won the election I found myself writing on a piece of paper: N. Korea, two narcissist psychos=nuclear. How could so many Americans have gotten this so wrong? Make America Great Again? It’s mindboggling to me that with all of the bat shit crazy things this so called President has done and said, has gotten us to where we are today – there may be no end in sight to his obnoxious antics other than nuclear annihilation??? This is actually a potential reality! The 33% of delusional Trumpbots who still drool at the stool of the Tool – enjoy the Armegeddon they helped to create. Azzholes!!!


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