Steven Singer is a husband, father, teacher and education advocate. He/Him. For more information, please visit https://www.garnpress.com/gadfly-on-the-wall-a-public-school-teacher-speaks-out-on-racism-and-reform


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  1. Steven, I read your excellent article as it was quoted by “a thoughtful educator” on WriterBeat.com. I’ve just added a lengthy response in defense of your point of view. You might be interested in the outcome, perhaps even commening yourself. Also, I will probably quote my response in another post on my WP website, rethinkingsurvival.com. I’ll call it “A Skunk by Any Other Name Smells Just as Awful.”

    Thanks for your good work!

    All best

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  2. Fri. a.m. 7/17/15 Greetings! and thanx for your piece on Common Dreams this a.m.

    I was a puppeteer for 27 years, traveling all over the USA and SE Asia, puppeting in schools, libraries, community centers (once a cow pasture in Colorado). My observation was that the job of children is to LEARN! They are EAGER!! But! By the third grade, it was mostly all gone. WHAT ARE WE DOING?

    The underlying attitude seems to be that kids must be FORCED to learn: that it’s onerous, unpleasant: I’m haunted by a horrible cartoon of a kid with mouth pried open and “knowledge” being force-fed. UGH!!

    In my opinion, the first thing we must do is admit that the true agenda of the public school is to teach kids to tolerate boredom and authority, and not to question. Anything else is extra, and exists because thousands of teachers–like you!–CARE!

    Keep up your good work: we need you!

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  3. Steven,

    I found your blog from reading your article “How White People Subtly Reinforce White Supremacy When They Laugh at Black Names” on Everyday Feminism. Just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoyed the piece and I will be sharing it with friends and family!

    Thanks for what you do!


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  4. I found you this week end through your article on Commondreams. It’s my hope that you visit my site and read the page titled hate. Maybe you have some insights you’d like to add? Everything is too fresh to say much more than more power to you.


  5. Hello Steven,

    I came across your Tedtalk on the badassteachers’ Facebook group, I agree with every word you said and reposted your video on my blog,https://lrcapuana.com/2019/11/18/privatization-of-public-schools-for-the-profit-of-the-few/.

    I teach English Language and literature in an Italian Secondary school, we’ve been experiencing the same issues, especially regarding standardised testing, in our education system as well so I truly appreciate your efforts to underline the inequity of education worldwide, indeed. Thanks for your work.



    • Thanks so much for commenting, Lucia. I’m glad my writing connects with you but sad it does also. I’d like to hope things were better in Italy but this is a global education reform movement (GERM) that threatens all of us and our future. At least we’re in it together.

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  6. My high school newspaper would like to publish your blog piece, “No, The Teachers Are Not Okay” as an OP ED — a guest editorial. May we get permission to use it? Thank you!


  7. I read your article on my son Nijhay Burt, Sir I commend you. Every point I thought you said. The testimony was damaging against SSB so to hear that outcome. Steel Valley is appealing the decision. I wanted to thank you for that article I truly enjoyed the read thank you.


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